Beyonce & faux-fur-covered baby Blue Ivy make another outing in NYC

Here are some new photos of Beyonce and Blue Ivy. You can’t even see baby Blue, though. Bey keeps Blue’s face well-hidden for public outings, I’ll give her that. Some sites are describing Beyonce’s ensemble as “grey”. PLEASE. That’s a shade of blue-grey. Which is still a shade of blue. Which still goes with the whole ALL BLUE thing. Except for Beyonce’s shoes, obviously.

Meanwhile, all of Beyonce’s friends and associates are still being sent out on a weekly basis to discuss baby Blue to the media, and to describe how Beyonce is obviously a wonderful and natural mother. Bey very well may be a natural and wonderful mother – but I dislike being told about her mothering skills every other day. It reeks of a concentrated PR campaign: “Mission: Beyonce’s Motherhood!” In a recent interview, one of Jay-Z’s employees talked about the baby and Beyonce:

Blue’s a chip off the old block! With the recent early burst of warm spring weather in NYC, Beyonce has been spotted out and about frequently with daughter Blue Ivy Carter, 2 months. But the instantly famous baby’s actual face hasn’t been seen since her mom, 30, and dad Jay-Z shared intimate family pics of their newborn with the world on Feb. 10.

So who does little Blue look like lately? According Grammy-winning singer Melanie Fiona — Jay-Z, 43, is her co-manager — it’s her papa!

“Beyonce says Blue changes every day and looks just like Jay now,” Toronto native Fiona, 28, recently told Us Weekly.

The R&B singer (her album The MF Life drops March 20) adds that fatherhood has her pal Jay (real name: Shawn Carter) completely blissed out.

“He’s in a good mood all the time!” she says.

And mama Beyonce, 30, is just as ecstatic. “She just is so happy. I’ve seen Bey like 3 times since she’s had the baby,” Fiona explains. “And she’s just glowing and she’s saying [motherhood] is the best, and she just loves it!”

Sure. Whatever. I’m too tired to really get into it. I give up. Beyonce is the best mother ever and she surely gave birth to Blue and her body bounced back instantly and if you think differently, you are just a crazy conspiracy theorist. I GIVE UP.

Oh, and everyone is saying that the fluffy blue-grey stuff is actually the “fur baby carrier”. I think it looks like faux fur, right? And I’m still not sure that the faux fur stuff isn’t part of the sweater…?