Beyonce Baby Drama — Breastfeeding Moms Plotting to Sue Hospital

0109_beyonce-hospital_EX_01Lactation and retaliation … has learned a bunch of new moms are passionately discussing BOTH topics at the hospital where Beyonce just gave birth.

Sources at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC tell … the mothers have been gathering at a breastfeeding class at the hospital … and in between latching techniques, they”ve been griping about the way they”ve been treated during the celebrity lockdown.

We”re told the mothers feel they”ve been “neglected” by hospital staff … and now they”re discussing the possibility of filing a lawsuit against LHH.

According to, Bey and Jay-Z dropped $1.3 mil to seal off a private wing of the hospital … with private security roaming all over the place.

Our sources say several mothers have been seen arguing with Bey”s security people … accusing the hired muscle of being “extremely rude.”

Still, we”re told the mothers are not mad at Bey and Jay — directing the blame solely at the people who run the hospital.

One source tells us, “Someone at the hospital should be protecting us patients.”

We”ve placed calls to the hospital — so far, no response.