Beyoncé Baby Rumors Bombard the Internet

Beyoncé and Jay-Z
Maybe baby can wait, but the Internet sure can”t.

Blogs and Twitter are in a fever pitch with rumors, gossip, tips, inferences and even bad Photoshopping all about one thing: whether Beyoncé” and husband Jay-Z have welcomed their baby girl.

No matter that the couple and their reps have maintained total silence and that no credible reports exist. The Beyoncé Baby Watch has become a cyber-event unto itself.

It all started with the Twitter explosion when the singer announced her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards last summer, setting a world record of 8,868 Tweets per second (TPS).

After a surreal moment when conspiracy theorists were convinced the baby news was an elaborate hoax involving a prosthetic belly – all, of course, denied by Beyoncé – the Web picked up steam as the due date neared.

In recent days, blogs and Twitter pages seemed certain that Beyoncé not only checked into a New York hospital, but that she actually gave birth.

The Internet has even named the couple”s first-born, Tiana-May Carter, after Disney”s first black princess, Tiana, in The Princess and the Frog.

And in one of the more unsettling posts, somebody shared what was purported to be a baby photo. We certainly hope not. This would be one ugly kid.