Bethenny Frankel"s Dog Is in the Hospital

Bethenny Frankel and dog Cookie
Not all is well in the land of Bethenny Ever After.

On Tuesday morning, Bethenny Frankel Tweeted that her beloved pooch Cookie was not feeling well, after a fan noted that the dog seemed upset in the previous night”s installment of the Bravo reality show.

“Odd you say that. Cookie has been vomiting and has blood u know where. At doggie hospital now,” she wrote, marking the Tweet with the hashtag #devastated.

Shortly afterward, Frankel followed up with another Twitter message, writing that Cookie”s condition requires additional care.

“Leaving my doggie at a hospital rips my heart out,” she Tweeted. “So upset”

While it is unclear what Cookie”s ailment may be, Frankel isn”t taking her constant companion”s sickness lightly.

“All I want to do is stay in pajamas, eat junk food and feel sorry for myself,” she wrote almost 2 hours after dropping Cookie off. “I”m so tired and my [Cookie] isn”t well.”