Bethenny Frankel Signs Copies of "Skinnygirl Solutions" in New Jersey

Bethenny Frankel Signs Copies of

Hoping that her latest book will also be a bestseller, former Real Housewife and upcoming talk show host Bethenny Frankel signed copies of her latest, Skinnygirl Solutions, at a bookstore in New Jersey on Wednesday (August 14).

Frankel, who is still dealing with her very public divorce and custody battle, is a four-time New York Times best-selling writer. Her fifth book is a guide of practical and healthy living advice.

“It”s solutions to make women”s everyday lives a little easier, a little more balanced,” the Skinnygirl mogul says. “Just from … on a micro-level, when you walk into your bathroom cabinet and you look at that drawer with all the brushes and the nonsense, just how to organize that one moment of your life.”

Bethenny also shares dieting tips on how to stay thin long-term. These are simple strategies that can get you where you want to be with your body and with the way you think about food,” Frankel writes. “When you internalize these principles, you won”t have to think about them anymore. You”ll just do them. You”ll eat like a naturally thin person, and you”ll be free.

After a successful six-week trial run last summer, the 42-year-old”s talk show is set to premiere nationwide in September.