Bethenny Frankel Mortified by Her "Real Housewives" Audition Tape

Bethenny Frankel Mortified by Her

Ever the prankster, and reporter of scandal and embarrassing moments, Andy Cohen revealed Bethenny Frankel”s audition tape for “The Real Housewives of New York” on his show today (October 11).

The clip showed Frankel wearing a purple slim-fit polo and white ruffle tiered skirt, talking about her life in the Big Apple, and being a natural foods chef while owning her own baking company, featuring low-fat and low-calorie foods.

Frankel was mortified after the tape rolled, and commented on the way she looked and dressed. She was also embarrassed by the credentials she listed for consideration on the show, which included a raunchy story about a name-calling match she became involved in, and cooking natural foods for multiple celebrities.

She threw a hand to her forehead when the clip showed her smooching her fuzzy dog in a cab, speaking to her in baby voices, and telling viewers that she was just as happy in a cab in the Big Apple as any woman would be if she were released at Channel for ten hours. Enjoy the clip below!