Bethenny Frankel Gushes About New Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel Gushes About New Talk Show

Shes entering a new phase of her career, and Bethenny Frankel cant wait for everyone to see her new daytime talk show Bethenny.

Kicking off September 9th, the new program will be syndicated all over America and the Real Housewives starlet is ready to make a great first impression, like a first date.

Frankel shared, “It”s so important. You want them to stick around. You want them to call you again. Look, I”ve had a rough year but I”ve had a great year. I”m very blessed. And we”re here, and let”s go through this and see what happens.”

Bethenny also noted that there will be topics that arent up for discussion- “I would prefer to not talk about my divorce because I just dont think its the right thing for my daughter.”

As for the advice her pal Ellen DeGeneres gave her, Frankel noted, “(Ellen) said, “Don”t buy into how much people love you, and dont buy into how much people hate you.” I just thought that was so interesting because you get so caught up in what you”re hearing. You know, “Oh they love me, we”re great.” And most people don”t even know who I am.”