Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Divorce

Bethenny Frankel Dishes on Divorce

Shes locked in the middle of a custody battle and divorce settlement with soon-to-be-ex-husband Jason Hoppy, and Bethenny Frankel is not a happy camper.

The reality television starlet told ABCs Nightline, “I”m going through a brutal, brutal time. It really, really is. I mean, there”s no other way to slice it.”

“I felt like I disappointed people, because I felt like I was this role model, that represented the fairy tale. I”m definitely bruised, added Frankel.

However, Bethenny isnt pointing fingers at the public attention that constantly surrounds her. “I don”t regret letting the cameras roll at all. I could have skated by. I could have stayed on the show and been like, “Oh, everything”s perfect with us. Everything”s great.” It made me feel dirty for people to think that I had this perfect relationship and this perfect life.”

As for how she copes with her stressful situation, Frankel noted, “I would imagine eventually, sex would be a nice release, but you know, who knows. If I”m exercising or doing yoga it”ll take the edge off on some level. And then I like to have a Skinnygirl cocktail. I”m not going to lie. Honestly. It”s mommy juice.”

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