Best Picture Oscar — First Lady NOT First to Know

Exclusive 0225_michelle_obama

It”s a good bet Michelle Obama was not the first person to open the envelope for Best Picture … and she may not have been the second, third or fourth. 

It is inconceivable an envelope from the outside world could end up in the White House, in the First Lady”s hands, without a thorough, inside-and-out inspection. 

The upshot … Michelle may be First Lady, but she wasn”t first to know “Argo” took home the big prize.

We did some digging to find out exactly who handled the goods.  The First Lady”s press office said they”d call around to find out the answer and get back to us, but so far that hasn”t happened.

As for the Secret Service … an official said this to our sources, “We”re not gonna comment on that.”  We”re guessing they weren”t rooting for “Lincoln.”