Ben Stein — I Was Blown Away by NYC’s Response to Sandy

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Russell Simmons
should pipe down — at least according to Ben Stein, who tells our sources, he”s “very impressed” with Mayor Bloomberg”s response to Hurricane Sandy in NYC … even considering the homeless situation.

We posted a video of Simmons early yesterday, in which the hip hop mogul criticized Bloomberg for overlooking homeless people in the Sandy relief efforts — saying NYC”s homeless were “f**ked” after the storm ravaged the city.

But later yesterday, Stein told us, NYC seems to be “incredibly well-prepared. I”m very impressed frankly. I think they”ve done quite a good job.”

When we asked about Simmons” comments regarding NYC”s homeless — Stein replied, “I didn”t think about that, but considering the magnitude of the disaster they”re doing fine.”