Ben Flajnik: I Miss My Dog

Ben Flajnik and dog Scotch
Becoming reality TV”s most eligible Bachelor came with perks for Ben Flajnik – like finding fiancée Courtney Robertson. One major downside All the jet-setting has separated Flajnik from his dog, Scotch.

“Oh, God, yes, I miss him,” Flajnik told us at the Mark Zunino for Kleinfeld runway presentation in New York on Monday. “I don”t even want to start talking about it. That”s the hardest part about traveling.”

“[Scotch] is the screen saver on [Ben”s] computer,” Robertson offered as a kind of confirmation.

The Jack Russell terrier might be getting some company soon, if Robertson has her way. The couple recently played with rescue puppies at a shelter in Mexico, and Robertson nearly found herself adopting one.

“[Ben] probably would have let me get one,” Robertson said, to which Flajnik replied, “Probably.”

While a new puppy might be in their near future, cohabitation and marriage are not. “We are not moving in together,” Flajnik said. “We are taking it really slow.”

–Reporting by Jenisha Watts