Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson "Go Back and Forth" About Where to Live

Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson
Los Angeles vs. San Francisco. That”s the debate between The Bachelor“s Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson regarding where they”ll live.

“It goes back and forth, back and forth,” he told us Saturday at Pure Las Vegas, his fiancée by his side.

Flajnik lives in San Francisco and “loves” the Santa Monica area of Los Angeles. Robertson lives in Santa Monica and “loves” San Francisco.

“We most definitely talk about it,” he tells us. “We”re trying to figure out how it”s going to work and when it”s going to happen. One thing we do really well is communicate. If something”s bothering me or bothering her, we squash the bug really quick and move on.”

Though the couple got engaged on the season finale of The Bachelor, they recently said they were “engaged dating.” On Saturday, the duo seemed every bit the doting couple, snuggling in their VIP booth, chatting with friends and fans and taking pictures.

“We”re still in the early stages so we”re learning a lot about each other, spending as much time with each other,” he said. “We”re slowing acclimating our lives together and our friends together. It”s going really well.”

Despite the fact Flajnik and Robertson don”t live together – or even in the same city – the relationship has been “easy,” he says. “It”s not exactly long distance. We live in the same state. It”s an hour flight.”