Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson Are "Engaged Dating"

Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik
So far, so good.

After adjusting to a long-distance romance, Ben Flajnik and his controversial fianceé, Courtney Robertson, are enjoying what The Bachelor couple calls “engaged dating.”

“We”re still getting to know each other and taking it slow,” Flajnik told us at a Mark Zunino for Kleinfeld fashion show in New York recently. “[Things] are working out really well.”

Robertson says she still has a lot to learn about her new man.

“It”s nice to see him in social settings and with his family,” she says. “He is the life of the party. He”s got this great personality.”

She”s also finding out what they don”t have in common: He “hates bananas,” she says, while she “loves them.”

But she has won him over with her favorite drink: “She”s got me drinking those things,” he says of the fermented tea-based beverage kombucha.

Although they are looking forward to a summer filled with travel plans and wedding invitations, the lovey-dovey couple won”t be rushing down the aisle anytime soon.

“We”re not even there yet,” Flajnik said.

Added Robertson, “[We”re] just enjoying each other.”