Ben Affleck & Seraphina: Brentwood Country Mart Cuties

Ben Affleck & Seraphina: Brentwood Country Mart Cuties

Spending an afternoon with his darling daughter, Ben Affleck headed over to the Brentwood Country Market to pick up some goodies on Friday (March 15).

With little Seraphina by his side, the pair made their way through the Brentwood, CA streets while the “Argo” star supported his hometown by sporting a Boston Red Socks cap.

In regards to his Oscar-winning flick, Ben is currently combating reports from an Iranian state-run news agency, which alleges that “Argo” is a war propaganda film and that Affleck could be a covert operator.

The creators of “Argo” responded in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, claiming, “We felt like our responsibility at the beginning was to explain why all these people are at the gates of the embassy,” screenwriter Chris Terrio stated.

“Because the image of the streets of the Middle East, of agitated people burning flags, its one that were kind of used to. So we thought instead of saying these people are crazy and they hate our freedom, we could say there are really specific reasons why they have grievances. And I think that propagates throughout the story. Once you understand the context, it becomes a lot easier to understand in a movie.”