‘Battlefield America’ Director Sued — I Lost $10,000 On Your Terrible Movie!


DON”T INVEST IN CRAPPY MOVIES … a hard lesson learned by a single mother who”s suing to recover $10,000 from the director of an epic flop.

The woman is going after director Chris Stokes in small claims court, claiming she loaned him $10K to complete “Battlefield America” … a flick about an underground dance competition.  She says she was promised she”d get the $$$ back within 30 days.

But shocker, the movie flopped — making a pathetic $172,000 in theaters — and she says she hasn”t seen a penny. The woman, Crystal Wade, says she”s made repeated demands for repayment … to no avail.

Our calls to Chris weren”t returned … a trial”s been set for next month.

The real slap in the face … Crystal says Chris has since raised significant capital for his new film … without repaying his old investors. 

If true … Chris has a future in Hollywood!