‘Battlefield America’ Director — Ordered to Pay $10,000 for Crappy Movie Experience

Just when you thought that epic dance movie flop “Battlefield America” couldn”t lose any more money … the film”s director has just been ordered to pay $10,000 for screwing over one of the flick”s investors.

As our sources first reported, director Chris Stokes was sued in small claims court by a single mother, who claimed she invested $10,000 in his movie … believing she”d be repaid in 30 days … but the money was never returned to her.

Lo and behold, Stokes blew off her lawsuit — and earlier this week, a judge entered a default judgment in the woman”s favor, awarding her the $10,000 plus court costs.

It”s another crippling financial blow to the filmmakers — who dumped a reported $15 million into the picture, which later raked in only $172,000 in theaters.

The woman tells our sources, “I simply want Christopher Stokes and team to make things right and pay what they owe me.”

We reached out to Stokes — no word back.