Batmobiles on Parade in L.A. … Even the Crappy One

The batcave was missing a few whips this weekend … “cause nearly every official Batmobile featured in a “Batman” movie was on display in L.A. … and our sources has the video.

It all went down at Bob”s Big Boy in Burbank … right near the Warner Bros. lot … where 3 of the coolest rides in movie history rolled in … followed by one of the crappier versions.

George Barris — the guy who designed the original Batmobole featured on the TV show and the 1966 live-action movie — led the convoy in the original classic car.

Among the rest … the batmobile from Tim Burton”s “Batman” movies … Christopher Nolan”s version from “Dark Knight” … and the abomination from Joel Schumacher”s from “Batman & Robyn.”