'Batman' Producer Sued for Abandoning His Dogs

Jon Peters
Jon Peters
— the bigshot Hollywood producer behind the Michael Keaton “Batman” flicks, “Flashdance,” “Rainman,” “The Color Purple,” “Caddyshack,” and many other huge movies, — is THE WORST DOG OWNER EVER … this according to a new lawsuit.

Peters has been accused of abandoning two dogs he left at a West Hollywood dog kennel back in 2010 … and blowing off the MASSIVE bill he racked up in the process.

According to the lawsuit, Peters” ex-wife took his two doggies — an Akita named Bear and a Doberman Pinscher named Beau — to the California K-9 Academy in June 2010. Peters needed to board the pooches because he was moving to a new home.

K-9 claims Peters fell off the radar … hardly ever checking in on the animals. After more than 200 days, K-9 claims Peters finally sent his assistant to pick up Bear.

But Beau wasn”t so lucky.

K-9 claims the Pinscher spent more than 365 days in the kennel … and finally the kennel asked Peters for permission to sell the dog … and the absentee dogfather signed off.

Even though the dogs are out of K-9″s possession — the kennel claims there”s still some unfinished business — more than $25,000 in unpaid bills for training, boarding, vet care, etc., which is the basis of the lawsuit.

Peters” lawyer tells … the lawsuit is bogus, adding, “Mr. Peters has an established history of caring for animals and specifically took legal action to protect the animals involved in this matter.”  The lawyer says he”ll fight the lawsuit.