‘Batman’ Massacre — Victim Avoided Mall Shooting Last Month

One of the 12 people shot and killed in the “Dark Knight Rises” massacre in Colorado this morning had narrowly escaped a shooting spree in a Toronto mall last month.

Jessica Redfield — who was an aspiring sportscaster — posted a blog entry on June 5, detailing how she left the mall minutes before a gunman opened fire inside the food court.

On her blog, “A Run of Thoughts,” Redfield says she initially wanted to get sushi … but changed her mind at the last minute and got a “greasy burger” instead. The time on her receipt read 6:20 PM.

Redfield says, for no apparent reason, she decided to go outside and get some fresh air.

At 6:23 … gunfire rang out inside the food court. One person was killed.

Jessica had written, “Had I had sushi, I would’ve been in the same place where one of the victims was found.”

Last night, Redfield tweeted about how excited she was to see the new Batman movie … and jokingly bragged about having to “coerce a guy” into accompanying her to the midnight showing.

Redfield posted her last tweet right before the flick … writing, “MOVIE DOESN”T START FOR 20 MINUTES.”

Due to the deranged actions of a 24-year-old psychopath, it was Redfield”s final tweet.