Barry Gibb Pays Tribute to Brother Robin

Tributes have been pouring in for the late Robin Gibb, but few more moving than a video posted Tuesday on YouTube by Gibb”s older brother and Bee Gees bandmate, Barry.

The remembrance, set to the Bee Gees” “Heart Like Mine,” was posted with the title “Bodding,” which was Robin”s nickname, according to the Daily Mirror.

Gibb died last weekend at age 62.

The montage features home-video footage of the Gibbs as children, as well as clips showcasing the Bee Gees in various stages of their career.

The video is the only public comment Barry has made on his brother”s death, but he is “said to be heartbroken,” reports the Mirror.

The third member of the Bee Gees, Robin”s twin Maurice, died in 2003. Fourth brother Andy died in 1988.