Bar Refaeli Tricks Jay Leno Into ??Nerd Kiss??

Bar Refaeli Tricks Jay Leno Into ??Nerd Kiss??

Hes never been shy when it comes to flirting with his beautiful female guests, and Jay Leno thought he hit the jackpot when Bar Refaeli stopped by The Tonight Show last night (February 6).

The fun-loving talk show host welcomed the Israeli supermodel to the stage and their conversation quickly turned to Bars crazy SuperBowl ad for GoDaddy.

In the spot, Refaeli sucks face with the nerdy Jesse Heiman to show how beautiful and intelligent come together perfectly for the website company.

And Jay told her, Hey Bar that Go Daddy super bowl advert you did that was great it was one of my favorites. I was wondering, any chance we could recreate the ad Refaeli shot back immediately, Sure! Pucker up!

Once Leno closed his eyes, Bar brought Heiman out and had him kiss Leno, which obviously drew a disgusted reaction from Jay.

As for her experience with Jesse (they did 60 takes to get it right), she simply stated, He”s a very nice guy.