Bar Refaeli Go Daddy Nerd — I’m a Sex Symbol Now

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Bar Refaeli
“s mouth has the power to turn a regular man into a bona fide Casanova … “cause that geek she sucked face with in the Go Daddy commercial says chicks have been all over his jock ever since the spot aired.

The lucky sonofabitch in the commercial is Jesse Heiman who tells our sources his life has completely changed in the past week … and obviously, all for the better.

“I’ve actually had guys tweet me that they wish they were me, and girls tweet me saying they wish they were Bar.”

But the interest from the ladies isn”t just from the cyber variety — Jesse explains, “I have girls run up to me and take pictures with me, tweet me for dates.”

Jesse tells us his career has also exploded … saying, “There are lots of inquiries coming in to my agent and manager, their phone has been ringing off the hook, but they are really letting me enjoy the moment right now.”

So what”s the lesson here If you”re a struggling actor who wants to bang more chicks … just make out with a supermodel. Works every time.