Backstreet Boys Talk New Album: It's for Soccer Moms

Backstreet Boys Talk New Album: It's for Soccer Moms

Their much-anticipated record In a World Like This hits stores today (July 30) and the Backstreet Boys cant wait for their fans to experience the new material.

Given the return of Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough told MTV News that he loves the way everything turned out. Hes come back in and the dynamic once again is the fab five, all of us. The signature Backstreet Boys sound is there again.

Meanwhile, Brian Littrell noted that rather than try to live up to others expectations, they just stayed true to their own tastes.

“We make music for music lovers first. Sometimes boy bands get pigeonholed into, “oh the teenie bopper stuff,” but Backstreet Boys have always made music first for ourselves and for music lovers so hopefully that will continue.”

Littrell also mentioned that they know their audience has transitioned a bit since their heyday. “It”s not screaming teens anymore. It”s more soccer moms.”

Furthermore, Brian added, “There”s a lot of new boy bands that are out now that, always, my advice to them is it”s a marathon, not a sprint. You have to communicate, you have to make great music and you have to be consistent, so for us, you know, 20 years later, I never dreamed we”d still be here, I think we had hoped and here we are. Backstreet”s back … again.”