Bachelorette"s Ryan Calls Emily Maynard a Prospective "Trophy Wife"

He sure has a way with words, doesn”t he

Ryan, Emily Maynard”s muscle-bound suitor on The Bachelorette has gotten into hot water with her before based on his outspoken opinions about women. And on this exclusive sneak preview of Monday night”s episode (which proves to be a turning point for Ryan), he nearly puts his foot in his mouth.

“You can be a companion to me and I can be a companion to you,” Ryan explains on their date. “I”ve known that I want to have a good woman in my life so I”ve done my very best to be a great man.”

“You”re like a trophy wife,” he continues, drawing a laugh from Emily. “There”s that word again,” she replies.

But Ryan had an explanation ready for her. “Every man should believe his wife is a trophy,” he says.

“Trophies don”t talk back,” Emily counters. To which Ryan concedes: “You definitely would be the first of that kind.”