Bachelor Pad 3"s Final Contestant Revealed

Chris Bukwoski
Almost a month after revealing the cast of Bachelor Pad 3, ABC has finally announced the name of the show”s final contestant: Chris Bukowski.

The 25-year-old Chicago native, who was voted Class Hottie in high school and works as a sales manager at Sears Centre Arena, decided to join Bachelor Pad 3 after getting sent home by Emily Maynard on Monday night”s episode of The Bachelorette.

Maynard recently wrote in a blog post for us: “I had a really hard time sending him home, but wanted to stay true to the promise I made to his sister that I wouldn”t keep him away from his family if I didn”t see him at the end with me.”

Bukowski will be joining 19 other Bachelor and Bachelorette veterans – as well as five “super fans” of the franchise – on the show, which premieres Monday, July 23. The winner of the season will be awarded $250,000.