Baby Lisa: Vide of Mom with Mystery Man Night of Disappearance

Just hours before 10-month-old Baby Lisa went missing, her mother was caught on a security video shopping for wine and baby supplies with an unidentified man.

The footage shows Deborah Bradley and a man in a dark shirt and blue jeans walking through Festival Foods, about a mile from her Kansas City, Mo., home, at about 5 p.m. on Oct. 3. The store says she purchased boxed wine, baby wipes and baby food.

Bradley has told authorities that later that night she put Lisa to bed in her crib while the child”s father, Jeremy Irwin, was working the overnight shift. Irwin says that when he got home, the front door was unlocked, windows were open and the baby was gone.

Store clerk Rebecca Guerrero, who had known Bradley from her frequent shopping trips to the store over the years, tells CNN the woman “had a smile on her face, like she always does when she comes in here.”

Guerrero says the FBI had interviewed her, asking if she thought Bradley appeared depressed or under stress.

“I told them she never looked depressed around me,” Guerrero tells CNN. “You know, she always seemed to have a smile on her face when her kids were around.”