Baby Cambridge Watch Begins in London

Baby Cambridge Watch Begins in London

Prince William and Kate Middleton are thought to be having their baby soon, and the whole City of London is eagerly waiting for the blessed arrival.

According to a report, the Lindo Wing of St. Marys hospital has prohibited any parking outside the entrance, and members of the press have already claimed their spot across the street.

Photographer Mark Stewart explained, “We all want a front row position to see history in the making and to record the first appearance of William and Kate”s new baby.

“There is quite a limited space to see that front door properly so you have to get in there early. It”s one of the biggest stories in the world right now and everybody wants to get a good vantage point.”

Meanwhile, a source shared that Dr. Marcus Setchell is ready for action as soon as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge need him. He was telling people at a charity cricket match last weekend that he has stopped drinking for the last few weeks.”