Avril Lavigne Releases Lyric Video for "Rock N Roll": Watch Here!

Avril Lavigne Releases Lyric Video for

Excited to have her fans participate in her music, Avril Lavigne unveiled a lyric video for her new song, “Rock N Roll” on Monday (August 12).

The “Sk8er Boi” singer posted the video on her Facebook page with, “Hey everybody, thanks for sending in your #RockNRoll Instagram videos! The lyric video is live, did your submission make it!”

Her first album since 2011″s Goodbye Lullaby, the self-titled record presents a revamped version of the 28-year-old rocker.

Speaking about the outpouring of ideas in making the album, Avril admits, “I definitely wrote a lot of songs. I”ve got about two records worth of music, so maybe I”ll do back-to-back records. I kinda want to do the back-to-back records because I”ve worked so hard on writing a ton of songs and I just want to tame it perfect. And then, because there were so many, it was like “Okay, well, what makes sense” ”

Check out the “Rock N Roll” lyric video below, created with the help of legions of her fans.