Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger: Sirius XM Pals

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger: Sirius XM Pals

Continuing promotional efforts for their new single “Let Me Go,” Avril Lavigne and her husband Chad Kroeger stopped by Sirius XM Radio Studios in New York City on Tuesday (October 15th).

The “Happy Ending” songstress wore a plaid jacket with a leather skirt and black boots as she and the Nickelback singer made their way through the shutterbugs.

Recently, Miss Lavigne spoke about what it felt like to work with her husband on the new song.

“It was so much fun. I wanted to go to work everyday,” the 29-year-old singer explained. “I couldn”t wait to get out of bed and go to the studio and see him.”

In regards to making time for each other, Avril stated, “We do our best to try and see each other as much as we can and keep the balance. Whether people understanding or not. It”s important.”