Aubrey Plaza Covers ASOS March 2013

Aubrey Plaza Covers ASOS March 2013

She continues to make audiences laugh on “Park and Recreation” and now Aubrey Plaza is gracing the cover of ASOS magazine”s March 2013 issue.

The 28-year-old actress rocked a retro ensemble for the Danielle Levitt shot front page while opening up to the mag about everything from being a guest on talk shows to working with Amy Poehler.

Highlights from Miss Plaza”s interview are as follows. For more, be sure to pay a visit to ASOS!

On working with Amy on “Park and Rec”:
“Now that I know her, I”m like I can”t believe she was my hero! No, she”s awesome. Getting to be in a position where I get to make her laugh – or attempt to make her laugh – it”s still really weird. But she”s also one of my best friends.”

On her future:
“It would be really cool to be in a big action thriller, or a movie where I get to be a bad***. It would be pretty awesome to be Catwoman someday.”

On her talk show appearances:
“When I have to do talk shows, I have to treat it like some sort of weird performance art or else I can”t deal with it because that situation is so unnatural for me. It goes against every instinct in my body. I think people mistake my silences and my awkwardness for some kind of control. But the first interview I ever did for [Jay] Leno, I almost passed out in the middle of it. There is a moment you can see where I totally check out. I start looking at the floor for about five seconds and then I say something which got a really big laugh, but I remember in my head just thinking, “I”m going to pass out, I”m going to pass out.””