Ashton Kutcher to Demi Moore: Keep Your Trap Shut About My Business

Exclusive 0531_ashton_demi

Ashton Kutcher is no fool … he”s willing to give his forever-estranged wife Demi Moore all of the financial records of the technology business he started AFTER they split … but only if she signs a confidentiality agreement.

As our sources first reported … the former couple”s divorce is being bogged down by various financial demands Demi is making.  Demi — who”s worth a lot more than Ashton — wants, among other things, a piece of A-Grade Investments, a company Ashton founded with mogul Ron Burkle.

Sources connected with the couple tell our sources … Ashton is scoffing at Demi”s claim, since he founded the company — which invests in tech start-ups — AFTER he split with her.

But we”ve learned Ashton”s willing to let Demi and her lawyers look at the financial records of A-Grade, but only if she signs a confidentiality agreement.  She signed it, and it”s now been filed with the court.

Short story — the money fight continues.