Ashley Hebert & J.P. Rosenbaum Learn About Each Other"s Traditions This Holiday Season

Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum
Six months after getting engaged on The Bachelorette season finale last August, lovebirds Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum are spending their first holiday season together learning about each other”s family traditions.

Rosenbaum is Jewish and celebrates Hanukkuh, while Hebert”s family celebrates Christmas.

“All of my friends in dental school are Jewish and the celebrated Hanukkuh, but I never did,” Hebert says. “I love it.”

“We have been celebrating the first few nights of Hanukkuh. We lit some candles,” Rosenbaum tells us, joking that he has also introduced her to the “Jewish tradition of having Chinese food.” Says Rosenbaum: “We did a pre-Hanukkuh dim sum down in Chinatown with my parents.”

The two are also celebrating Hebert”s completion of dental school earlier this week at the University of Pennsylvania.

“The first thing I said to her when she got home was, “Hey Doctor,” ” Rosenbaum says, adding that his new fiancée”s title “is definitely a turn on.”

The two plan to spend the Christmas holiday weekend with Hebert”s family in Madawaska, Maine, where Hebert says she will “wear PJs, sit on the couch, cuddle with J.P., eat lots of junk and sing Christmas carols.”