ARod Sues MLB — They Paid to Frame Me!

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A-Rod has come out swinging by filing a lawsuit against Bud Selig and MLB, claiming they paid off the star witness against the Yankee slugger … paid him millions of dollars to help force A-Rod out of baseball.

The suit claims Selig and MLB paid $5 million to Anthony Bosch, head of the Biogenesis Clinic — the place A-Rod allegedly went to in order to obtain undetectable steroids.

The upshot — A-Rod believes the testimony is tainted by the hefty price tag.

The suit claims MLB has been unfairly targeted for a 211-game suspension — which A-Rod”s lawyer claims is a witch hunt.

The suit claims Selig and MLB interfered with A-Rod”s contracts and business relationships.

Sources connected with A-Rod tell our sources he”s been tested for performance enhancing drugs 11 times since 2011 and they”ve come up clean every time.