Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child — I’M HUUUUUUUGE

If there was any doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger shtuped his former maid …. DOUBT NO MORE … “cause his love child is about to turn 16 — and he looks just like his humungous father.

Standing roughly 8″2″ and weighing an estimated 475 lbs (pure muscle) … genetic jackpot winner  Joseph Baena strolled alongside his mother Mildred during a shopping excursion in Bakersfield, CA yesterday.

Joseph was sporting a shirt from a swimming and diving competition — it”s unclear if he participated, but we”re guessing if he did, he dominated … based purely on his enormous physique.

Fun Fact — Arnold first began competitive bodybuilding around the age of 16 … and eventually excelled in competitive adultery.

Happy birthday Joe!