Ariel Winter’s Sister — Collateral Damage in Feud

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The fight that Ariel Winter“s mother is waging with her two daughters has gotten so bitter, the older one is now being falsely accused of making a money grab on her younger sister.

The mother, Chrystal Workman, along with Chrystal”s reps … are saying that her older daughter Shanelle — who now has a temporary guardianship of Ariel — asked a judge for access to the “Modern Family” star”s bank account but was shut down.

Court records, however, show the exact opposite.

The petition for the guardianship specifically requests that all of Ariel”s accounts be blocked from everyone, including Shanelle.

Our court sources say Shanelle never asked for a penny during the hearing … and the court docs reflect that.

As we first reported, the judge stripped Chrystal of custody — at least for now — based on allegations of brutality against Ariel. Ironically, Chrystal lost custody of Shanelle for precisely the same reasons 20 years ago.