Ariel Winter’s BFF Sterling Beaumon — She’s BETTER OFF with Her Sister

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Modern Family” star Ariel Winter is in a “much better situation” now that she”s away from her mother and living with her older sister … this according to one of Ariel”s closest friends.

our sources spoke with Sterling Beaumon — a fellow child star who met Ariel on the set of a Nintendo commercial a few years ago. He also starred as a young Ben Linus on “Lost.”

Beaumon tells us he”s still very tight with Ariel — and has had extensive conversations with the 14-year-old actress since a judge removed her from her mother”s home and named her older sister Shanelle as her temporary guardian.

“Everything is good with her,” Sterling said … “She”s in a much better situation now.”

He adds, “I actually know her sister as well … her sister is a wonderful girl, woman actually … great person. “

When asked about allegations that Ariel”s mother Chrystal has abused the actress both mentally and physically … Sterling said, “I can say that [Ariel is] not lying … there”s no reason for her to lie about something like this.”

While he wouldn”t say if he saw any of the alleged abuse firsthand, Sterling added, “She”s in a great situation now.”