Ariel Winter Nabs $6 Million "Modern Family" Contract

Ariel Winter Nabs $6 Million

Using her major leverage from the show”s popularity, Ariel Winter will get a big pay raise from “Modern Family.”

According to E! News, the 15-year-old actress is set to take home $6 million for her work.

In a document obtained by the network, the delay for renegotiation was explained as follows: “The minor”s professional career was protected from chronic and unwarranted interference by the mother which had prevented the minor”s execution of a renegotiated contract for her starring role in the television sitcom, “Modern Family,” which contract has a value in excess of $6,000,000.”

Apparently the trouble stemmed from the guardianship battle between Ariel”s sister, Shanelle Gray, and her mother, Chrisoula Workman.

Currently, the star”s sis serves as her guardian, but does not have access to her money, telling the court that her “sole interest has been insuring my sister”s well-being, free from my mother”s unwarranted interference and unacceptable behaviors towards Ariel.” The final hearing on the matter is scheduled for March 29th.