Ariel Winter — Back In Court Fighting Mom — Now Dad’s On My Side, Too

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Modern Family” star Ariel Winter now says her father is taking HER side — opposing her mother, Chrystal Workman, in the battle over Ariel.

Ariel says in court docs — obtained by our sources — daddy Glenn is happy that her big sis Shanelle is Ariel”s guardian.  Up to this point Glenn sided with his estranged wife. 

Ariel doesn”t say why her dad has flip-flopped, but it”s interesting … he”s not asking to become the responsible parent.  He”s happy that Shanelle has assumed that role.

There was a hearing today … nothing set in stone, but the judge said when everyone goes to court to fight it out over who gets custody of Ariel … his inclination is that Ariel should NOT be forced to testify, because she”s a 15-year-old girl and forcing her on the stand could be psychologically detrimental.