Ariana Grande — Sacre Bleu! Crazed Fans Mob Star In Paris

Exclusive 110613_ariana_grande_launch_v2The French love to eat … they nearly swallowed Ariana Grande whole today as she arrived at her hotel in Paris … and our sources has video of the frenzied mob of fans that greeted her.

The young Nickelodeon star is in Europe promoting her album, “Yours Truly” … but it”s clear from the video even she didn”t expect this kind of craziness.

The 20-year-old “Sam & Cat” star knows how to work a crowd, though … because after she was safely inside the hotel lobby … she walked back to the entrance with her camera … sending fans into another fit of hysterics.

Ariana also announced her newest project today … a collection of Christmas songs that she will release individually every week until the end of December.

Mon dieu!