Are the Kardashian Sisters Spoiled?

It”s no secret that the Kardashian family is privileged – but no one recognizes that more than the Kardashian sisters themselves.

Asked by Oprah Winfrey on a webisode of Oprah”s Next Chapter whether they considered themselves “spoiled,” the sisters said they”re certainly “blessed,” but added that they”ve worked hard for all of the charms they enjoy.

“I think I”m spoiled. I”m not a brat, but I”m definitely spoiled,” Khloé admitted. “Look around us.”

According to her sister Kim, “I think that we work hard to spoil ourselves. … I like to work hard and set goals and buy myself things at certain periods of life, so that”s spoiling myself.”

Later clarifying that she was referring more to their lifestyle than to material things, Khloé cited as examples her job, closeness with family and a flexible schedule that allows her to support her husband, NBA player Lamar Odom.

“I don”t think I”m spoiled,” Kourtney Kardashian countered. “When I think of it as Khloé”s way, then I do feel very blessed.”

And while they”ve certainly never struggled, Kim tells Winfrey that their parents instilled in them a strong work ethic that they maintain to this day.

“Growing up in the lifestyle that we did, we had high standards,” Kim says. “But our parents let us know, like, if we want this lifestyle, we”d better get to work. We didn”t have credit cards, we didn”t have cell phones. We didn”t have all that that our friends had. … We lived in a gorgeous house, gorgeous cars. We saw all of that. But if we wanted that, that was up to us.”

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