Are Idol"s Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon Dating?

Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine
Skylar Laine may have wowed the judges with her rendition of Bette Midler”s “Wind Beneath My Wings” on Wednesday”s episode of American Idol, but it isn”t just her solo performance that has fans abuzz.

After Laine paired up with Colton Dixon for a rendition of “Islands in the Stream” Wednesday, rumors began flying that the two are an item – and even host Ryan Seacrest commented on their chemistry.

But Laine shot down the speculation to us, saying she”s already taken.

“I do have a boyfriend – his name is Joseph – but Colton is my buddy and I love Colton so much,” she told us after Wednesday”s taping. “Twitter has been blowing up about us dating.

When asked what her boyfriend thinks of the rumors, Laine responded: “I don”t even think he notices.”

With one of the top eight set to be eliminated Thursday, Laine and Dixon aren”t the only ones who have bonded during the course of the show.

Joshua Ledet, who also earned high praise from the judges for his take on Simply Red”s “If You Don”t Know Me By Now” on Wednesday, said he”s become particularly close with Hollie Cavanaugh – who may face elimination tonight after lackluster performances for the past two weeks.

“She is like my sister here,” Ledet told us of his relationship with Cavanaugh. “She is just a great friend. She is understanding. I can tell her anything and it wont get repeated.”

Still, it was Ledet”s duet of Aretha Franklin and George Michael”s “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)” with Jessica Sanchez that really had the judges talking – particularly Jennifer Lopez, who predicted that Ledet and Sanchez might be the two finalists this season.

“It was fun,” Ledet said of their collaboration. “We kind of knew they were going to put us together when they said duets because we have the same kind of style. Singing with her was comfortable and we just fit right in. We had fun when we were practicing. We just blended in together.”

As for Sanchez, she said she doesn”t view Ledet as competition, despite Lopez”s prediction.

“We are all like a big family,” Sanchez told us. “We are not competitive at all. We love each other so much and I think we both enjoyed singing with each other.”