Arcade Fire Releases "After Life" Music Video: Watch Here!

Arcade Fire Releases

Coming at us with a new and unsettling video, Canadian Indie rock band Arcade Fire released the official “Afterlife” feature, directed by Canadian filmmaker Emily Kai Bock.

The 8-minute clip focuses on three generations of family men, whose nightly dreams help them deal with the death of their family”s mother figure.

Opening with a man in a cowboy hat attempting to sell flowers on the side of the road, the video shows him praying at dinner with his two sons. The older boy sneaks out of their suburban home, against his father”s wishes, to go to a party.

The movie follows the family”s internal monologues, before reaching a cathartic moment toward the end, in which the father finds his wife in his dreams, and hugs her without letting go. Watch below!