Anti-Paparazzi Law Aims to Protect Children in California

Anti-Paparazzi Law Aims to Protect Children in California

Thanks to the help of a couple of famous faces, an anti-paparazzi state law was just signed in Sacramento, California on Tuesday (September 24).

Senate Bill 606 defines harassment as including, “conduct in the course of the actual or attempted recording of children”s images and/or voices, without express parental consent, by following their activities or lying in wait.”

Paparazzi convicted of the offense will face a year in jail and a $10,000 fine for their first violation. Testifying on behalf of the proposed law were both Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner.

Last month, the “13 Going on 30” star told the California State Assembly Committee on Public Safety about her children, “They”re beautiful and sweet and innocent, and I don”t want a gang of shouting, arguing, lawbreaking photographers who camp out everywhere we are all day, every day, to continue traumatizing my kids.”

Getting a little emotional during her time, the “Cloud Atlas” star said, “When it comes to my children, or my child, when they are in fear of leaving the house, when they are suffering from nightmares, and feeling that they cannot move in the world in a free and safe way, that is when as a mother, I have to stand up for the rights of my children. There is inherent danger to paparazzi”s action in regard to children.”