Antawn Jamison — Let’s Be Realistic … Not EVERYONE Will Accept Jason Collins

Exclusive 042913_antawn_jamison_launch​Not everyone in the NBA is thrilled about having a gay dude in the league — in fact, there are definitely some “closed-minded” haters who are gonna have a hard time with Jason Collins … so says NBA star Antawn Jamison.

The Los Angeles Lakers player was hangin” out in Beverly Hills today when we asked about Jason”s big announcement … and the 36-year-old veteran had a lot to say.

Antawn — who”s been in the league since 1998 — told us he”s glad Jason came out … and he”s happy the guy can “be who he really is.”

But Antawn says not everyone feels the same way — telling us, “Of course, you”re going to have some closed-minded people, let”s be realistic.”

“That”s life.”

We also asked Antawn about the ass-kicking the Lakers got from the Spurs — and the guy had a pretty good explanation. Check out the clip.