Annie Lennox Calls Out Miley Cyrus and Rihanna for "Pornographic" Videos

Annie Lennox Calls Out Miley Cyrus and Rihanna for

Responding to the recent stream of racy music videos flooding the entertainment market of late, Eurthymics frontwoman Annie Lennox wrote up a passionate commentary on the effects the entertainment industry has upon young women.

Specifically, the 58-year-old songstress spoke of performances by Miley Cyrus Rihanna.

In a post on her Facebook page, Annie wrote: I have to say that I”m disturbed and dismayed by the recent spate of overtly sexualized performances and videos. You know the ones I”m talking about. It seems obvious that certain record companies are peddling highly styled pornography with musical accompaniment.

As if the tidal wave of sexualized imagery wasn”t already bombarding impressionable young girls enough. I believe in freedom of speech and expression, but the market forces don”t give a toss about the notion of boundaries.

She went on, adding, As long as there”s booty to make money out of, it will be bought and sold. It”s depressing to see how these performers are so eager to push this new level of low. Their assumption seems to be that misogyny – utilized and displayed through oneself is totally fine, as long as you are the one creating it.