Anne Hathaway Fronts The Hollywood Reporter's Beauty Issue

Anne Hathaway Fronts The Hollywood Reporter's Beauty Issue

Stepping off the set of her upcoming sci-fi flick “Interstellar,” Anne Hathaway scored the cover spot of The Hollywood Reporter”s 2013 Beauty Issue.

The “Les Miserables” star and her makeup artist Kate Lee, sat down and discussed their friendship over the past seven years.

“Working with someone as talented as Kate has given me confidence during some pretty vulnerable moments,” Miss Hathaway explained. “She is gentle, funny, kind, authentic and has wicked personal style. What more could you want from the person who is more intimately acquainted with your pores than you are”

Anne continued, “Kate and I have an easygoing and supportive relationship. I think this is partly because of our history: We have worked together and been friends for almost seven years. I trust her instincts and abilities which are always spot on. She has a ton of inner strength that I feed off of.”

“Even when we”re both nervous we still try and make each other giggle. And I”m happy to say, after the not insubstantial amount of time we have worked together I am still excited- and grateful- for the moment when I get to see how she has yet again managed to transform me,” she added.