Anna Paquin in Angeleno June 2013: I've Been Really Blessed

Anna Paquin in Angeleno June 2013: I've Been Really Blessed

With her hit HBO series “True Blood” nearing its sixth season premiere, Anna Paquin adorns the cover of the June 2013 issue of Angeleno magazine.

While donning designer duds from Roberto Cavalli and Gucci for the sultry photo shoot, the “X-Men” beauty opened up about her highly anticipated series and shares her thoughts on acting.

Check out a few highlights of Miss Paquin”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Angeleno!

On playing “danger magnet” Sookie:
“[Danger magnet] translates into something pretty dramatic happening to her most of the time, which means it”s pretty much impossible to ever get bored on the job. It”s entertaining to watch, and it”s really entertaining to do. Because [the show falls] under the umbrella of what I guess you could call “genre,” we get to kind of make up rules for our universe and you”re not just limited to what actually exists in reality.”

On keeping up with her crazy schedule:
“Sleep”s not a very big part of my life right now. This one of the jobs where you don”t get to pick the timing, and when it rains, it pours. When there are interesting things happening and interesting people you want to work with, you kind of jump on it and figure out the details, which thankfully have all kind of fallen into place. And then I”ve had a really, really awesome last few months.”

On loving her career:
“I”ve been really blessed. I”ve never really been drawn to things because I wanted to be famous or huge or anything. I”d rather do one day”s work on a movie that is really creatively interesting than be in every single frame of something that I find a little dull. I feel like that guided my choices a lot and I”ve consequently been drawn to people who, in the best possible way, kind of kicked my ass, because I didn”t want to be a weak link.”