Anna Kendrick Replaced by Ashley Green in ??Wish I Was Here?

Anna Kendrick Replaced by Ashley Green in ??Wish I Was Here?

Its one of the best-supported Kickstarter movie projects to date, however even Wish I Was Here is having its fair share of snags.

Writer/Director/Star Zach Braff announced that Anna Kendrick is unable to fulfill her starring duties in the flick and has been replaced by her Twilight costar Ashley Greene.

In a message to the films Kickstarter supporters, Braff wrote, Well, since youre having your first shot as being movie producer, its time you experience something that happens a lot: Scheduling conflicts.

We”ve tried our hardest, but we”ve been unable to figure out the lovely Anna Kendrick”s scheduling conflicts with another movie she”s doing. This happens all the time in movie-land. Putting the shooting schedule together is like planning 25 weddings: each day has so many moving pieces and locations. I love Anna so much and can”t wait to work with her one day.

Zach continued, We are VERY excited to announce our new Janine will be played by…. drumroll.the beautiful, talented, and funny Ashley Greene.

You may know Ashley from Twilight. I”ve known Ashley for a couple years now and I”m so excited she”s accepted my invitation to join our Kickstarter Klub. Not only is Ashley gorgeous and charming, but she is hilarious, a very good actress and normal and cool and we are so lucky to have her.