Ann Curry — The Final Cut is In the Works

In the case of Ann Curry and the “Today” show — the writing is not only on the wall, it”s in the editing room, because we”ve learned producers are already preparing Ann”s farewell montage … network sources tell our sources.

Our sources — and they are impeccable — tell us they are determined to cut a deal with Ann by week”s end.  We”re told the deal is not closed yet — as we reported, Ann wants her contract paid off in full to the tune of $20 million.  She also wants to leave the network.  NBC offered her a measly $10 mil and a diminished role in the news department.  We”re told there has been “some movement,” but the parties haven”t struck a deal … yet.

We”re told NBC wants Savannah Guthrie — Ann”s replacement — firmly in place before the Olympics so they can showcase her next to Matt Lauer.

One more thing … There are reports “Today” news anchor, Natalie Morales, wants to leave the network because she”s pissed off that she”s now been passed over twice for the co-anchor job.  We”re told — by people who absolutely know — that story is “total baloney.”  We”re told Natalie “loves her job and she”s completely happy with what she”s doing.”

Maybe Natalie figured it out — co-hosting “Today” is high risk.