Animal Org. to Cee Lo — Don’t Whip Out Your Cockatoo on ‘The Voice’

Exclusive0622_cee_lo_01Cee Lo is taking some serious heat over plans to rock out with his cockatoo out on the upcoming season of “The Voice” … over concerns that stress from the show could cause the bird to self-mutilate.  
The controversy stems from Cee Lo”s recent announcement that he”ll be replacing the pet cat who accompanied him during Season 1 with a Moluccan cockatoo named Lady.

But the move is causing some concern among bird activists — because Moluccan cockatoos are endangered … and are known to be extremely TERRIBLE pets.

our sources spoke with Monica Engrebretson — a rep for the animal rights org. Born Free … who also happens to be an expert in all things related to the Moluccan cockatoo. She”s also a HUGE Cee Lo fan.

Monica tells us … “Moluccan cockatoos are beautiful, intelligent animals but they are very challenging to care for especially in the long term, and are prone to considerable welfare problems.”

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